About Us

DESIGNnCREATE was an accident waiting to happen..!!

By total coincidence I started a web design project for my own personal reasons and chose my Tennis Club as the subject matter. The executive committee was impressed with the outcome and decided to adopt the new design and functionality.

Further mandates followed from friends, associates, businesses and … here we are!

My personal philosophy is to make the World Wide Web accessible to anyone at an affordable price…!
There has been considerable hype about the internet in the past and extortionate prices were charged for a privilege that has today become the “norm”….not only for large corporations but also for the “man in the street”…!

Web design is not a rocket science but does demand a certain amount of knowledge and creative thinking. YOU own the concept and material…. DESIGNnCREATE provide the platform from which to launch those ideas.

Our journey begins here… Let’s see where it takes us..!