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repairspic_1Is your computer running slowly?
Do I have a virus?
Do I need more memory (RAM)
How do I install a new program?
How do I back-up my Data?
How do I install a wireless network?
Can I get a new Email address and how can I install it?
Is there a FREE antivirus solution?
How do I install my new PC?
Modem, Router or Printer Problems?

Troubleshooting and fixing computer problems for friends and colleagues has become a habit! Many have suggested that I should offer these services to everyone who need cost effective support with everyday computer gliches. I took their advice and am now happy to offer a computer home service.

Many of us are simply computer “Users” who at some stage require friendly advice without having to pay a small fortune for professional computer services.

In some cases it could work out cheaper to purchase a new computer. In today’s competitive  computer market you will be able to upgrade to the latest technology machine (without operating system) for as little as CHF: 399.00 including:

Intel Pentium 2.7Ghz
500GB Hard Disk
Card Reader / CDRW

I offer FREE advice and yes, In the case of a new computer acquisition, can take care of the delivery and installation as well.

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Mobile: 076 336 59 91
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Feel free to call me for all your computer support needs … no matter how big or how small.

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